Educators and psychologists agree that intelligence undergoes important development between birth and age six.  The Dr. Maria Montessori Theory described this is as ‘absorbent mind’.

A child’s mind is like a sponge and curiosity is at its peak during the early years. When properly nourished and stimulated, the child forms healthy patterns for a lifetime of learning.

The Montessori system of education is proven to be one of the most effective methods of the education of the child and thus guide a child through these critical years.


Educational research today is reinforcing the importance of movement and learning. We recognize the value of a holistic approach to education including experiential learning, self-directed learning and the learner-centered approach – the educational Montessori method and Principles that Dr. Montessori developed.

  • The Montessori method is individualized to meet the needs of each child.
  • Teaching in a Montessori class is conducted on a one-to-one basis and as per the child’s pace.
  • It involves learning through experience using hands-on Montessori materials with a control of error that allows the child to self correct.
  • Children are free to move around in the environment and choose work pursuing their interests.
  • Mixed-age environment promotes collaborative learning, peer teaching and encourages a strong sense of cooperation and unity.

At Mindstein Montessori School, our goal is to develop self-disciplined, creative, motivated and independent learners who are capable of reaching their fullest individual potential with the help of Montessori equipment. The Montessori learning environment is carefully structured to challenge and stimulate our students on the basis of Montessori education philosophy. 

  • Multi-age groups in each class, ideally, within a three year span.
  • Unbroken time spans for work with negligible interruption so as to not distract a child from concentrating.
  • Classrooms proficient to accommodate group and individual work areas.
  • Children work on the floor with a mat or at a table, working alone or in groups as needed.
  • Children move independently at their pace from task to task.